8 Questions That Aspiring English Tutors Can Face in An Interview

Jan 19, 2021

Becoming an English tutor is not easy. You can teach a child privately in your home or in the child’s home, but when it comes to professional area, there are many steps to cross. If you wish to get into a reputed school or college you have to pass interview rounds where your aptitudes and capability will be tested.

Presenting you some important questions that you will face in interview sessions:

#1. Brief about yourself:

Most of the interviews start with this topic. You may think that it is the easiest one to answer, yet you must know that the interviewer is not asking about your food habit or zodiac sign. So, focus on your personality traits and how you can relate it to the teacher’s position. Also, through your answer the interviewer will know your relevant skills and judge whether you are fit for the particular position.

#2. Why do you want this position?

This is another question that is faced by most of the candidates. When you will get this question, try to answer in such a way that it shifts the focus from your personal traits to the exact job. Let the interview understand that teaching is what you live for. Again, add that you love to help people. You wish to empower students by teaching them and prepare them for dealing with the English-speaking environment efficiently.

#3. Can you tell us the best way of teaching English?

You have applied for the post of an English tutor and you should have the capability of catching tricky question. There is nothing called ‘the best way’ when it comes to teaching. Every student is different and so as his or her manner of learning. Do not give any generalized answer. Tell them that the ideal way to teach English is generating various activities to suit different students.

#4. Would you like to share some successful teaching methods with us?

The ideal way to handle this question is to concentrate on creating lessons involving an array of activities that can engage all the students in a class. Show that your unique teaching methods are beyond textbooks and board.

Mention these teaching methods:

  • Some role playing exercises
  • Presentations in class
  • Debate in class
  • Add music and audio visual elements
  • Art and craft

#5. How can you control a problem student?

It is very normal to have problem students in a classroom. Hence, the interviewer would expect you to answer this question. While answering it, do not give stress on punishment. Instead, discuss about how each kid can excel in English, and how to engage the problem students. If you get more time to talk, tell how to give more time to them so that they can overcome their issues. Inform the interviewers how you can motive every student.

#6. How can you tell whether your students acknowledge you?

Your students must understand you. Otherwise you won’t be a successful English tutor. So, you must tell the interviews that you will ask from responses from children time to time and check if they are getting your points. Also, your teaching method must involve quiz session, debates, etc. based on the chapters you have taught. Always motivate your students to ask questions whenever they get stuck.

#7. Why, according to you, children must learn English?

As you are going to be an English tutor, your opinion is important. Your answer will give an impression on your thinking about the needs of today’s students. Never start with discussion how English is prevalent everywhere. Rather, you must brief how English language can empower the current generation to deal with different fields. If the students know English properly, it will open up ample opportunities for them. They can get good jobs with handsome package in any country.

#8. Did you used to live in another country before, or, would you mind going to another country for your profession?

This question indicates that the interviewer wants to know if you are flexible. Tell them you love to experience new things and is comfortable going to other location and teach there. The employers would love to hire a person like you who is not afraid of culture shock.


Schools will check if your qualification can fulfil their needs. Many prestigious schools accept English tutors who have completed their Master’s degree and above. Knowing an additional foreign language is better as it can place you to a good position in foreign country. You have to pass certain examinations to get a chance in other countries.


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