How to use the Feynman method of Learning [PPT]

Jul 04, 2019

1. How to use the Feynman method of Learning

Mastering complex topics becomes easier with the Feynman Technique. Here's how: 1. Choose a concept you want to understand. Start by jotting down everything you already know about it. 2. Explain it as if teaching a child. Imagine a curious student and explain the concept in clear, simple language, avoiding jargon. 3. Identify gaps in your explanation. If you stumble, revisit your source materials to fill the knowledge gaps. 4. Simplify and refine. As you explain, focus on using analogies and everyday language for deeper understanding. This iterative process solidifies your knowledge and reveals areas needing further exploration.

2. What is the Feynman Technique?

The Feynman Technique, developed by Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, is a powerful learning strategy for deeply comprehending any topic. It involves explaining the concept in simple terms, as if teaching a child. This process forces you to identify gaps in your understanding, simplify complex ideas, and refine your knowledge. By actively teaching the material, the Feynman Technique fosters true comprehension and long-term retention.

The Feynman Technique helps you to comprehend, recall as well as explain everything within a short span of time. This technique is considered an active method of learning.

3. The Learning Steps

The Feynman Technique, named after Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, encourages deep understanding by transforming you into a teacher. The first step involves selecting a concept you want to learn and jotting down everything you know about it. Next, imagine explaining it to a child, using clear and concise language without jargon. This step exposes any knowledge gaps, prompting you to return to your learning materials to fill them. Finally, refine your understanding by simplifying your explanation, using analogies, and organizing your thoughts. This iterative process of teaching, identifying gaps, and refining ensures a thorough and lasting grasp of the chosen topic.

4. Choose a topic

ANY topic! The Feynman technique doesn’t have any limitations. It’s not like it’ll work only for science subjects and nothing else. No! It is equally efficient. So make your choice freely.

5. Explain it to yourself as if you’re explaining it to a 5-year kid

This is the real deal. This is the place where you are compelled to simplify entire concepts such that even a child can understand it.
By forcing yourself to do that, you are actually simplifying the entire thing for your very own benefits.

6. Is there any knowledge gap?

Find out whether there’s any knowledge gap in your possible explanations. If there’s any, pinpoint them. Go back to the matter and clear them up. 
Feynman nursed this belief that if something can’t be explained in layman’s terms, there’s a problem with his comprehension, not with the information.

7. Use your analogy

If your concept is abstract and is something that’s not so easily relatable to the physical world, it’s advisable to create some sort of an analogy to make it more relatable?
Why should you do it? Do you think that a 5-year-old child can understand abstract concepts with bare ease? The entire motto of the Feynman technique is to render the subject in such a manner that even a child can understand it.

8. Simplify the concept if it still appears to be difficult

If the concept appears too difficult to your liking, it might do you more good to lose some details. Still difficult? Lose some more but simplify it nonetheless. It will definitely benefit you in the long run; there’s no doubt about it.


The Feynman Technique empowers you to transform from a passive learner to an active teacher, unlocking deep comprehension of any subject. By choosing a concept, explaining it simply as if to a child, identifying knowledge gaps, refining your understanding, and potentially using analogies, you solidify your grasp of the material and solidify your knowledge for long-term retention. So, whether you're tackling complex equations or unraveling historical events, embrace the Feynman Technique and embark on a learning journey that's both effective and engaging.

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The Feynman Technique helps you to comprehend, recall as well as explain everything within a short span of time. This technique is considered an active method of learning. This presentation throws more light on the matter.

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