Learning Maths: Online Vs. Classroom

Mar 23, 2021

Online learning has become a feature right now; however, experts believe that learning in the upcoming time should follow a hybrid approach. Math is a difficult subject to learn for most of students and there are multiple misperceptions in regard to learning math online. Here, we will be focusing on the pros and cons of learning math online and offline.

Learning Math Online

Currently, most of the schools are operating remotely and the students have to attend online classes. 


The best part of learning online is

  • Candidates can learn from their homes
  • Fully independent learning of all the subject
  • Record the sessions and play later to clear any doubts
  • Better scopes of student-teacher as well as parent-teacher interaction
  • Online maths tutors to clear their doubts
  • Access of net for additional assistance and resources

To learn the concepts of math, online learning is an excellent way. During the pandemic, schools have just started online classes and at that time, both teachers and students had to put much effort to cope up with this. But now, online learning is something that offers much ease to both learners and teachers.

	online education

Online learning of math has truly become the easiest alternative to classroom learning. Teachers too are adding their own creativity to make sure students are not bored.

Now moving on to the shortcomings of learning math online.


While offering a wide range of online assistance, online mode of learning cannot offer the charm and feel to the students. In online learning, the students 

  • Cannot have the normal interaction with the classmates
  • Have a possibility to become addicted to internet
  • Find difficult to make any query during the online classes
  • Students below the age of 10 may not enjoy online learning as they prefer learning through play 

Also, the slow learners may feel difficult to cope up with the online lessons. After a certain time, online lessons can be a bit boring too. Actually, a number of students feel uncomfortable to speak up in front of others. For example, during an online class where a number of students are more than 25, some students may feel reluctant to clear their doubts. For math class online, it is an unhealthy habit. Due to this, the mathematical concepts remain unclear to the students and it affects their grades. 

Hiring a math tutor can solve this problem because they offer one-to-one lessons. As a result, learners can ask questions to the tutors freely. Also, these online math Tuition offer creative lessons that make students below the age of 10 interested in online classes. 

Moving forward to the offline mode of learning, there are good and bad points. Let's have a look at those.

Learning Math at Classroom

Classroom learning is the traditional mode of learning and here a student can get first-hand experience. 


The reasons for selecting classroom learning are:

  • Students get the chance to interact directly with the teachers
  • Students learn with their classmates and it clears the doubts to a great extent.
  • The classroom equipment paces up the learning itself

Learners often feel reluctant to ask their queries to teachers, but they are much comfortable with their classmates. While interacting with the classmates, the queries of the students get resolved. This benefit cannot be achieved with online learning.

Along with that, classroom makes the students much social - in a class, the students not just get the lessons from the books, they are taught about moral values, ethics, and a lot more.

classroom education

Even after having all these advantages, classroom learning is not sufficient for the overall development of the students. Let's have a look at the disadvantages of classroom learning


The biggest shortcomings of the classroom are the lack of technology. Now it is true that all the schools do not have the budget for hi-tech classrooms. So, the students are deprived of online facilities. Along with that, 

  • classroom learning is not good for slow learners
  • One-to-one attention cannot always be given by the teachers
  • Completing the syllabus is always a concern and students cannot always cope up with the pace

So, some specific learners will face challenges in classroom learning as well.

Final Words

Considering the pros and cons of both online and classroom learning, it can be said that blended learning will be the best option. Even for math, hybrid learning will be the best because the shortcomings of online learning will be complimented in classroom learning and vice versa. Additionally,  the candidates who feel difficulty in group learning may get the assistance of online math tutors to get a better understanding of the subject.


There are students who prefer online learning and some others prefer classroom learning. To learn math properly, we recommend blended learning. Check the pros and cons of both and find out why hybrid learning is necessary. 


Rachita writes the blogs for LearnPick UK and as a content writer, she holds 5+ years of experience as a professional. She considered herself to be lucky enough to convert her passion for writing into a full-time profession. Rachita is a music lover, a bookworm, a foodie (specifically desserts), and an amateur guitarist who tries for bettering her skills. 

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