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How to tell if your child is not ready for Kindergarten?

Enrolling in kindergarten is a big change in a child’s life. They either transition from home-schooling or a small preschool to a big school. It is the first time they experience a formal school environment with large classrooms, teachers, and classmates, starting wi

Feb 13, 2023 Life Hacks
Team LearnPick

Why do teachers push us to do more?

As students, we often find ourselves questioning the methods our teachers use to teach us. We wonder why they seem to push us so hard. It can be frustrating to feel constantly challenged and pressured to perform at our best. However, it's important to remember that there are often good reason

Feb 06, 2023 Life Hacks
Sudipto Das

10 Super Interesting Facts on the Nobel Prize in Physics

Back in 1888, Alfred Nobel saw an obituary in the newspaper that said: “The merchant of death is dead.”The newspaper made a mistake because it was his brother who died. They mixed up and published such news. Imagine reading your obituary with your eyes. Well, Noble felt the same thing

Feb 06, 2020 Life Hacks
Rita Smith

Help Your Child Think Deeper and Different

Basic intuition involves various distinctive aptitudes that help us figure out how to decide. It is the capacity to assess data to determine if it is correct or off-base. To determine an issue or an issue intends to be liberal and consider elective methods for taking a look at the solution. As yo

Jan 20, 2020 Life Hacks Teacher Tips
Sudipto Das

4 Tips on Social Media That Professionally-Minded Students Should Note

Nowadays everyone uses social media, no matter you are a high school fresher, or in the last year of college, the social media comes along with you. Wherever you go, the digital footprint follows you. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the disadvantages are massive and high as compa

Sudipto Das

5 Words to Avoid in a Professional Email [PPT]

Introduction Words that you choose to include in your emails could actually have a deep impact on the response. Listed below are 6 words that make you seem less confident. It is, therefore, best to drop them. Let’s have a look at them. Hopefully You do not

Sudipto Das

English Speaking Classes in UK is The Roadmap of Your Career!

English is the global language that is connecting people from different parts of the world, of different mother tongues. Many aspects have made English such popular. The foremost aspect that makes English popular is du

Jul 17, 2019 Career Options Life Hacks