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Sudipto Das

8 Questions That Aspiring English Tutors Can Face in An Interview

Becoming an English tutor is not easy. You can teach a child privately in your home or in the child’s home, but when it comes to professional area, there are many steps to cross. If you wish to get into a reputed school or college you have to pass interview rounds where your aptitudes and c

Jan 19, 2021 Academics
Rima Bose

Functions of an English tutor in classroom in the UK

English is gaining more importance as a world language. The language lays influence everywhere. The entire process of teaching the language is experiencing alteration since last decade. Nowadays, students get exposure to English at the primary level. The modern English tutor educates the students

Nov 02, 2020 Classroom Management
Rima Bose

Is it mandatory to hire an English tutor for your child in UK?

Are you planning to hire an English tutor for your child? Are you confused if hiring an English teacher will be good for your child? Well, let us tell you that every parent wants their kid to perform well and achieve fair results. Many times, it happens that students do exceptionally well in one

Sudipto Das

How can you choose the perfect private English tutor for your school kid?

Not getting the right English tutor for your child? Thinking of taking your kid to the expensive coaching centre that’s even beyond your financial reach? English is a subject that is used in many countries officially. When a person enters into professional life, he/she needs to know how to

Sudipto Das

5 Things You Should Know About English Tutors

We all have been through the strict English tutors who want you to work on your grammar skills. They do not tolerate your dirty shirts, and your poor vocabulary is a strict no. But despite their efforts to maintain a calm and poised atmosphere, the fifth graders have always been on their list. We

Sep 24, 2019 Academics
Sudipto Das

Give Your Child the Academic Advantage with English Tutoring

English that is known to be the language of opportunity is the language of science, aviation, tourism and a lot more things without whom thriving seems to be impossible. This is why learning English is immensely important for everyone who wants to thrive in the rat-race of this competitive world.

Jul 18, 2019 Academics
Sudipto Das

An Investment in Online English Tutoring is worth Every Penny

It is no doubt that the education system is broken. Graduation costs high, and one spends the rest of the life repaying loans for it. But in all this chaos, new models of education are evolving every day. These models are trying to bridge the gap in the current education s