Top Five Math Trick Apps for Android

Mar 13, 2020

Knowledge of Math tricks is always the key to success in competitive examinations. There are several apps available in the market that can serve this purpose to a certain extent. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 such apps. Let’s begin so that you develop a trick up your sleeve without further ado.

Math Tricks

Like the name suggests, this app is perfectly suitable for students who want to know about exciting math tricks to fasten up the process of calculation involving basic operational arithmetic. No prizes for guessing this by the way because it’s all there in the name.

Through this app, students will get a thorough practice of basic operational arithmetic at the same time such as the multiplication tables and other similar things. By learning these tricks, you’ll be able to solve your sums quickly and more efficiently. And you’ll see yourself become a force to reckon with in competitive exams.

Math Tricks is available for free on Google Play.

Fun Math Tricks Lite

With this app, users will be able to learn about various tricks related to mathematics thereby bringing computational arithmetic within a firm grasp. The app allows users to implement their mental math capabilities to solve tough math sums.

This app is particularly beneficial for students who are appearing for various competitive exams such as SAT, PSAT, GRE, GMAT etc.

The app is available for download here specifically for Android users.

Rapid Math Tricks & Tips

Through this app, users will be able to know about several time-saving tactics used in performing common math calculations.

 The app provides users with samples where each trick is demonstrated in a step-by-step manner. Users will be able to improve their abilities to play with numbers without calculators which should earn them endless bragging rights.

The app is available for download on Google Play and it is absolutely free of any cost.


This is a mind-reading application that is based on math tricks such as algebra. Through this app, users will have to guess certain values like the date of birth, age, chosen numbers etc. To do that, users will have to implement traditional math skills to accomplish the same.

Mathemagic is available for download here.

Vedic Maths Tricks

Through this app, users will know about the techniques through which they will be able to compute various operational arithmetic like multiplication, division, subtraction, squaring a number and so on at lightning-fast speeds.

This app is tailor-made for students who are up for competitive exams such as SAT, GRE, PSAT, CAT and on.

This app is available on Google Play and it is available free of cost.

Professional math tutors can always be referred upon if you want to learn about a few tips and tricks related to basic operational arithmetic. With that, we’ll bring this article to an end. I hope you had a good read.

Sudipto Das

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