Why Do You Need to Go for TEFL and TESOL Certificate in the UK?

Nov 19, 2019

TEFL also is known as Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The TEFL programs are intended exclusively for the teachers who are planning to go abroad to teach the students in a country where the primitive language is not English. When the students of the country study English as a foreign language, studying is done as an academic subject and the same process you can study geography or science or any other subject.

The focus of the TEFL and TESOL Certificate in the UK is for students the understanding of reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and speaking for academic purposes. Students may be able to prepare a short speech or perform the skits, but generally, the primary purpose of speaking exercises is the focus on the proper use of grammar and pronunciation.

The Academic language is the most important for the students that are studying English as their foreign language as because the students need to be able to read texts, writing essays, and passing the English exams that would help them in getting into university. Some students are studying according to the EFL plan to study abroad in the future. 

The skills that they learn in class will be helping them to study for the TOEFL or the IELTS. These are both a type of standardized test that has been advanced for the international students to take before enrolling in a university of an English-speaking country.

TESOL also is known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Training methodology in TESOL is generally a recommendation for the teachers planning to work with the learners who are the non-native English speakers that are living in an English-speaking country.
Teachers tend to help the students to use the language of English to communicate in their daily life in an English-speaking country. The procedure includes things such as going shopping, ordering the food at a restaurant, interviewing for a job, or making small chats with coworkers.

What factors affect the price of TEFL and TESOL Certificate in the UK?

It depends on the class that is taken in is online or offline. Online classes are cheaper than in-person ones. It depends on how many hours are in the course. The more hours the course includes, the more it will cost.

The Universities and the colleges are the ones that offer TEFL and TESOL Certificate in the UK training are going to charge much more than private online companies that do the same thing.
The teaching practicum increase the price also increases the value of the course.

The online programs are usually the cheapest and can cost anywhere between $100-$500, which generally depends on the company. Generally, online courses will offer a main TEFL/TESOL certificate course with options to add on specialties, like teaching young learners, business English, grammar, and test prep. If you are certain that you want to teach children or adults, adding on a specialty certificate course could help you get a job more easily. 

Online programs don’t usually have a teaching practicum. If they do, generally you will need to pay extra for this. In-personal programs the typical cost $1,000-$2,000. Some companies offer the majority of the class in-person and include the online grammar section of the class that you do on your own.

In addition to the quality of the TEFL or TESOL course, the class also includes a teaching practicum. One has the chance to put some of the teaching methods and lessons that are planned strategies for practicing. 

Differences in Length Between of the TESOL & TEFL Certificate in the UK

Most typically, TEFL and TESOL certificate programs can be completed within four to six weeks. Some online programs advertise that you can finish in as quickly as one or two weeks if you put in the extra effort to finish all the work required at that pace.

TEFL and TESOL certificate programs are not meant to take a very long time to complete. However, some students enrolled in TEFL or TESOL programs have families to take care of and work full-time. Not everyone has a lot of free time to complete a program quickly. If this is you, then it is best to find a more flexible program that you can complete at your own pace within a timeframe that works best for you.

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