Why You Need TEFL and TESOL Certification in the UK?

Oct 16, 2019

English is one of those globally indispensable languages that can't be avoided if you want to survive in any part of the world. Starting from the textbooks to the internet, everything is based on the principles of the English speaking elite. People who know the language better undoubtedly know the trick to be a more confident person among the crowd. 

TEFL, that means Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL that means Teaching English as a Second Language can be the key to find the ideal job for you. TEFL and TESOL certificate in the UK is instrumental in helping you to find the right job to suit your needs and meet your interests. 

The need for the certificates:

The advent of the communicative era and the growing demand for English as a language itself justifies the factor of why these certificates are needed. Leaving everything aside, TEFL and TESOL Certificate in Canada are required for a multitude of reasons. Some of these reasons are listed below. Have a look at them!

Jobs will be an easier catch

With a TEFL or TESOL certificate, you can easily get a job anywhere you want without any issue. Besides the teaching career demand three things, experience, degree and skills, and the certificate is a package of everything in it. Plus even if you are a student, then having the certificates can help you with a multitude of career aspects. Any recruiter that sees TEFL or TESOL certification in your resume will find it fair enough to offer you the job. 

A better decor for your CV

For a lot of people, it is quite frustrating to define their CV and include elements in it. The sole reasons for this are that either they don't find anything that matches the standard of the job profile and its worthy enough, or they simply don't find the quality and skill necessary to meet the job requirements. But communication skills are undoubted must uncertain jobs, and so TEFL or TESOL certificate can be included in any CV. 

A symbol of brushed up skills

Having a certificate on lingual fields directly means that you have a firm grip over the language. The certificate hence signifies your credibility in the subject matter and your dedication towards leaning the skill with all your heart and soul. 

More power to your confidence

For students who aren't quite confident about what they are doing and what they will do, TEFL or TESOL can be the lifesaver to help them with the grades that they demand. Gone are the days when people used to be uncertain about what they wanted to do because now a simple certificate can change your life. 

Prioritizing the emphasis on just one subject

While you decide to get a TEFL or TESOL, you make your mind to decipher the expertise that you have in English. You can not only help yourself with the subject but can also change people's perception about the language that seems hard to them. 

Immense job satisfaction 

When you know you are qualified enough, you not only get the enthusiasm to work but also feel good about what you are doing. This provokes you to work better and get promoted in a few years during your initial working period. 

Immigration aid 

Immigration processes are lengthy and demand a lot more qualification then you ever need. But sometimes knowing the Language can play a major factor in immigration processes. Having a TEFL or TESOL certificate means that you are so proficient in English that you can teach others as well. This can surely play a major role in your visa approval process. 

Summing Up

It is mandatory to get TEFL and TESOL certificate in the UK because these certifications have a globally recognized fanbase. Any organization that you approach for a decent teaching job would undoubtedly try to enquire about TEFL and TESOL certificate in the UK. Credibility and certifications can never do any harm, and these certificates are undoubtedly one of these. You will always be benefitted from these extra credentials without ant speck of doubt. So make sure that you get one before its too late!

Sudipto Das

Sudipto writes educational content periodically for LearnPick UK and backs it up with extensive research and relevant examples. He's an avid reader and a tech enthusiast at the same time with a little bit of “Arsenal Football Club” thrown in as well. He's got more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing, SEO and graphic designing.

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