How to Learn Physics Faster?

Apr 04, 2021

Students initially taught science altogether but in the higher standards, it is taught in 3 different genres: physics, chemistry, and biology. Among these 3, physics happens to be the most difficult part for the students and they keep finding cheat ways to ace this subject. 

Most of the students do not find physics as an important subject at all. The exceptions find it difficult to remember what they have learned and applications of a different formula. We have researched and found a few ways that can pace up physics learning to a certain extent. 

Good Understanding of the Concept

The main reason behind hating physics is unclear idea of the chapter. To understand any subject easily, taking help of YouTube Tutorials is very much effective. Scientific American, Numberphile, DrPhysicsA, and SciShow are some of the most famous YouTube channels to learn physics. 
The best parts of YouTube channel are

  • The lessons come from an expert physics teacher or professor. 
  • They have years of experience
  • For them, physics is not simply a subject to teach - it has become their passion
  • Lessons are offered in easy words 
  • Descriptive lessons 
  • Along with explanations, calculations and use of formulas are also shown
  • Students can ask questions in the comment section
  • Students can request tutorials on a specific subject
  • Mostly free

So, if you want physics in your higher studies, subscribe to the Youtube channels and enjoy learning. As the students do not enjoy learning physics, they start to hate this subject. To grow interest in the concepts of physics, proper teaching of physics is important and YouTube channels are very effective. 

	learning with youtube

Learn with the Apps

Smartphone applications are also helpful tools to learn physics easily. The reasons behind recommending apps to learn a subject like physics are:

  • Game like interphase 
  • Easy application of the formula
  • Audiovisual demonstrations of the concepts with animations
  • Lots of free features 

Some of the famous apps to learn physics are Pocket Physics, Basic Physics, PhysicsProf, and Phywiz - Physics Solver. These apps are available in Google Playstore and AppStore.

Students, these days, are much interested to learn through their mobiles. They spend much time in with the phone itself. By installing these apps on their phone, parents can ensure that their children are getting high-quality learning help for physics. 

apps for learning

Hire a Physics Tutor

As mentioned, improper teaching is mostly the reason behind physics hate. This possibility can be reduced to a great extent by getting a physics tutor for the students. It is up to the students to take individual tuition or group tuition from the tutors. 

If you are much weak in physics, it will be better to get individual tuition. For overall help in physics, it will be better to get an experienced and qualified physics tutor who can understand where the students exactly need help. Also, the students can communicate with the tutor comfortably which will result in a better understanding of the subject itself. 

We offer tuition jobs to qualified candidates, so you can easily find a suitable physics tutor for you by registering with us. 

Read and Write 

Once the students understand the concepts of physics, they find difficulties in memorizing the concepts.  Now the fact is during the exam, they have to answer the questions. Until they give correct answers to the questions, proper learning will not help them at all. 

To memorize the answers, it is necessary to read the concept, understand it and write it down. This process is to be followed for all chapters. 

read and write

Practice the Calculations Daily 

Physics not only includes thorough explanations - there are several simple to complicated calculations. The students find many difficulties in these questions as well. The only way to master these questions is practice. 

Over the internet, a number of demo questions are available that include the step-by-step solution. With these, the students can understand the process of approaching these equations. Remember, practicing these calculations once or twice a week will not help at all - you have to practice these daily. 


So, the fact is physics is one of the most important subjects in case you are targeting engineering for higher studies. You have to love physics to achieve a good score and make it till higher studies and to love the subject, you need proper teaching. Only good teaching can make the students interested in a difficult subject and pace up their learning. The digital tools are a great help for the students in this regard. 


Learning physics often goes wrong because of wrong teaching. FInd out the smartest techniques to learn physics faster. 

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